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All-in-one documents for teams.

Work together on text, files and images, to-dos, code, and more.

Spaces lets you easily share and collaborate on any combination of text, files, images, to-dos, code snippets, and more.

Just type, paste, or drag-and-drop!



                        function arrayFromArguments(arg, i) {
                        return, i || 0);

Hans Larsen

You can also add annotations and co-edit content live!

And when you're ready, invite your peers to collaborate.

  1. Simon Vallee

    Hey guys! Can you have a look at this and tell me what you think?

  2. Karina Louise

    Looks good! Ship it!

  • Flexible

    Gather and edit the different types of content you need for your project. Keep Spaces private or share them with your peers. Automatic formatting ensures everything looks great across all devices.

  • Collaborative

    Discuss your project, comment on a specific part of an image or document, and make collaborative edits with your colleagues. Spaces lets you have the entire conversation in one place.

  • Integrated

    Spaces works with the tools you already use. Upload files and documents from Dropbox or Google Drive, or add issues tracked in GitHub or Jira.

  • Organized

    Easily manage Spaces for different teams and projects. Everything in Spaces is fully indexed and searchable so you'll always find what you need.

All-in-one documents for every project.

Thank you!

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